#WorkTrends Recap: Real-World Testing Your Business Idea
Source: TalentCulture If you’re like me, you have 10 different business ideas in the back of your head. But whether you’re an entrepreneur or you work inside a big organization, how do you test those ideas to find out if... read more
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Jan 20 ’18 • min read
10 Reasons Why You Should Engage a Virtual Assistant
It is usually frightening giving out your cherished baby to some strange individual on the internet. But then, it shouldn’t be a frightening thing by any means. So you’ve thought about employing a virtual assistant for your website or web-based business, but the truth is, you aren’t certain if you really need to. It could […]
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Jul 27 ’17 • min read
Impressive benefits of Trello for web projects management
Managing web project can be a daunting task and the challenge is further exacerbated by the fact that web project is very an inclusive process and extensively covers numerous processes and operations.
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Jul 13 ’17 • min read
Slides by DesignModo – An In-Depth Review
DesignModo has received much praise in the past bringing great, intuitive, and well-designed tools to the market and so we decided to put together a review of their product, the Slides Framework.
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Jul 1 ’17 • min read
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