When using a design that isn’t made for MailChimp, there are many problems you may run into. It will be inconvenient to try and use your own customized templates, and doing so may result in sacrificing your interface and ruining the experience.

MailChimp makes creating templates easy to use while offering beautiful designs. Here is an updated list of the top MailChimp email newsletter templates that provide style, simplicity and functionality. They include the newest and best examples of templates to use, as well as instructions at the end.




1. Mailto

This email template is compatible with a number of major email marketing platforms, including MailChimp. It prevents emails from looking buggy on mobile devices and ensures quick and better emails for start-up founders. With 22 templates to choose from, you are sure to create an email that looks great while using a small amount of effort, time, and money. Emails will appear perfectly on any electronic device with the use of HTML code that you can edit when necessary.

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 2. Christmas

Christmas is a template for the seasons, providing festive cheer. It also includes an optional animated snowstorm feature for an eye-catching header. It also includes Kbuilder 2.0, along with 4 templates containing various formats.


3. Magma

For a modern and clean template set, Magma would be perfect. It would be great for individuals who strive for minimalism, as the flat design creates a simple and spacious email. It contains 35 modules that you can drag and drop, and includes “Specs”, “Reviews”, “Blog”, and “Partners’.


4. Liana


For templates that can be multipurpose, use Liana. There are many components that make it easy for you to build your own business, market, or e-commerce email campaign. It was tested and responsive on many platforms, which ensures that you will always find something to edit to your liking.


5. Multimail


This is one of the number one email template sets because of it’s standard. It comes with over 10 multi-purpose email templates that can be used in a variety of ways. It’s MailChimp compatible and can also be used with other widely used email marketing providers. It also contains more than 179 modules that offer thousands of possibilities and variety, ensuring that you create your template uniquely and stand out from the crowd.


6. Kent


With over 50 drag and drop modules, Kent also features flat, contemporary designs that would be perfect for agencies, e-commerce, and so on. Kent offers customizable templates built with standard HTML for the ability to edit before sending the email.


7. Emailio


Emailio contains over 10 unique templates, consisting of over 60 different modules. They can be used for specific events like weddings, restaurants, product launches, and even real estate. Emailio works with the latest Outlook version (2016), which may be a problem for other pre-built email newsletter templates.


8. Moka


This is a more traditional email template that focuses on business. It provides sections to briefly describe your services, team members, as well as products. Moka features a variety of colors to perfectly fit with your company’s brand.


9. Supra


Supra has 20 customizable email templates that are all different, making it a great choice for individuals searching for templates that are prebuilt. They also contain templates that are ready to use for non-profit organizations, crowd funding, as well as resumes.


10. inCorp


inCorp provides visuals that are very sharp and clean. It is great for communicating professionalism through your email campaign. Each update also comes with new sections and templates that you may use.


11. Deso


This is another template that is more business based, as it is made by the same creators as Moka. It has an easy to use the online editor that allows dragging modules in and out to be simple and straightforward. There are also premade designs that you can alter without ruining the email design.


12. Atellar


This contemporary business template works with StampReady Builder for simple editing. Its features make for a unique module design that includes a chart bar and product pricing tables, making it ideal for agencies and other technology companies.


13. Fashion & Ecommerce


This template contains 59 modules that make it perfect for those looking for a classy look. It also gives you the option to subscribe to the author’s email list in order to receive an additional template every month, free of charge.


14. Breathe


Breathe creates a design that is minimal and modern that works for a number of industries. There are also features spaces in the modules for you to display your portfolio and skills, along with a background color to make your credentials more noticeable.


15. Uxmill


This agency newsletter offers clean lines along with great default styling. It provides plenty of opportunities to edit and customize designs to your liking. It is compatible with MailChimp, StampReady, and many other templates.


16. Anne


Anne creates a strong look with bold fonts and details.They provide sound fallbacks so ensure that these fonts won’t be a problem for your email.