It is not always easy to locate new clients for agencies that deal with web development, and knowing how to create beautiful websites is not always enough. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to branch out and locate more clients regardless of whether you’re a veteran in the business or just starting out. Below are six tips that can be used by web development agencies to locate new clients.

Make use of social media

This might appear a little obvious, but social media is an excellent way of generating free publicity and potentially reaching out to a lot of people. However, you should learn to be picky when selecting your preferred channels. You don’t necessarily have to advertise on all of them, but ensure that the ones you pick are suitable for your business; the bottom line is that you should go with the ones where you’ll likely going to find your clients.


Pinterest is an amazing way of displaying all the wonderful websites you have designed, and LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a great tool for networking with potential clients, peers, and partners. You can create a profile that has all the important keywords and try to interact with other users in other to develop strong relationships.  

Take out time to create a great strategy that you can realistically see yourself maintaining as time goes on. Consider the right content for each platform:

Facebook is perfect for laid back and relaxed content;

LinkedIn is best utilized for professional content or anything business related;

–  If the content involves short and snappy updates or anything that is currently trending, Twitter is likely the appropriate channel.

If your aim is to be professional and serious, it is recommended that you go with LinkedIn; if your business is more edgy and hip, you should probably go with Instagram or Twitter. But always have it at the back of your mind when using social media that, it should be used for interacting with potential clients and building relationships, not for selling.  

Lastly, make sure the groups you join have some connection to your skills (LinkedIn and Google+ are perfect for this). Try interacting with other users and answering questions. When you connect with people regularly, share resources with them and answer their questions, before you know it, you’ll start getting more work.

Blog posts

Another great way of boosting your credibility as a top designer is by writing your own blog. The most important thing is to let potential clients know that you know what you’re doing, which means you have to create content that shows that you’re skilled at web development. You can also decide to write guest posts for some of the top blogs in your industry – by doing this, you get to enjoy more exposure, get backlinks and build relationships.


Boosting your name recognition and enhancing your credibility should be the focus, but it shouldn’t stop you from producing great contents that are helpful, interesting and engaging. Try to create a balance with your content, for instance, “Tips to help Web Developers to do A, B, and C,” or a form of instructional series for people who are new to the business. Though using humor is not a bad idea, you should, however, be careful not to resort to it at all times, and make sure you write in a manner that every developer can understand.  

Connect with other freelancers

One of the best ways of getting client referrals is by networking and developing relationships with freelancers. There are certain freelance web developers who are fortunate to have more inquiries about work than they can even handle. Some of them are even contacted to handle jobs that are beyond their level of expertise. Fortunately, a lot of these web developers are ready to help out their peers, because even if they’re incapable of handling the job themselves, they’ll want to help out the potential client by recommending someone they trust. And there’s always a possibility of you repaying the favor by recommending them to other potential clients. You should have it at the back of your mind that, all these people don’t necessarily have to be your competition; you should see them as your community and realize that you can benefit a lot by building positive relationships with them.


Another great place to meet developers is at forums. You should check out sites like Freelance Gossip, Web Design Forum and Digital Point. You can also search for information about expos, meet-ups, and conventions organized for designers and developers. Try attending some e-commerce expos in other to meet potential clients and potential partners. Don’t forget to go with some business cards that have details about your website, your contact information, and information on the skills you offer.

The same thing can be said about web designers. They are just as important as other web developers with regards to getting more clients and building relationships. You can benefit a lot as a web developer if you start developing a working relationship with web designers because there are lots of web designers that are not particularly good at coding and a lot of their businesses have grown to the extent that they need to outsource some of their work. This will afford you an opportunity to develop a long term relationship with a web designer, providing you an opportunity to form a partnership for projects or refer clients to each other for any work that the referrer is incapable of competing.

You can also try forums and social media to contact designers. Look for them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, including forums like Graphic Design forum, Web Pro Café and Designerstalk for any designer who is in search of a partnership.

Work on existing sites

Pick a well-known website and redesign it in your own unique way, then send it to the person in charge of the company explaining why you made the alterations. This is a unique way for designers and web developers to get work, and it also gives designers the opportunity to get creative and show their peers as well as potential clients how skilled they are. By doing this, you’ve proved that you have special ideas that can make another person’s business better, and that you’re capable of creating these ideas.  

Start for free



This particular advice is for upcoming designers. Free work might have a poor reputation, but it is necessary for upcoming designers who are new to the business, as it helps them develop their portfolios, gain valuable experience, make all the right connections and go after every possible opportunity. Also, approaching charities with badly designed websites and offering to help them improve on it, is another great idea. Apart from benefiting you, this also helps those who really need free work.


Evaluate your own website



Your website must be of the highest standard, else nobody will want to patronize you. Your site should have a gallery of some of your previous works including testimonials from clients, your contact information, your skills and a list of all your qualifications and credentials.


If you follow these tips, you’ll certainly get approached more regularly for work. If you do great work and put yourself out there, you will definitely get the clients you deserve.