Benefits of Uber Business Profile


On a weekly basis, there are Millions of business rides made with Uber, however, the charm that Uber provides can be easily overshadowed by the stress of distinguishing between business and private rides.

When one is faced with the task of filling in the expenditures, getting the appropriate receipt, uploading or getting the receipt printed, as well as remembering the purpose of the ride, the whole process can become tiresome.

You need to create a business profile on Uber to enable you to distinguish between your business and private rides. A business profile will enable you to link a business credit card and also email address in your rider account on Uber to assist you to handle your business rides and monitor your expenditures.


The Advantages of having a business profile on Uber

  • You don’t have to deal with paper receipts. Say goodbye to wrinkled trip receipts in your pocket!
  • Charge the appropriate credit card. Never mistakenly shell out on your own cash for a business trip again.
  • Add expenditure notes as well as project codes. Monitor the purpose of your ride.
  • Business invoice = business email. Forget about looking for the appropriate receipt expenditure.
  • Weekly or month-to-month trip information. Save your precious time with business ride summaries.

So how can you create your Uber business profile?

Are you an existing Uber user?

To create your Uber business profile:

  • Start the Uber app, click the top left corner and go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to Profiles and select Business Profile.
  • You will be asked to put in your business email, business credit card and to choose your option for weekly or month-to-month billing summaries.
  • You can likewise have your profile connected to Expensify, Concur, Chrome River, or any other approved expenditure management programs, depending on the preferred software of your business.
  • That’s all to it! Your business profile on Uber is ready!