Xero vs QuickBooks

Technology has dominated the market of accounting software for many years. QuickBooks is the name that everyone is familiar with because of its reliability and performance. Recently, the competition has become tough because of the introduction of Xero that is a cloud account software.

So in this race of proving to be the best bookkeeping software the developers are working day in and day out to provide the customers with the facilities. However, only one can be the winner so let us a have look.


Both the programs are working to expand the client base and in the last few months they have come neck to neck and the growth rate has reached up to 21%. The companies are facing a strong competition because their pace of development is increasing. So here is how the two programs line up.

Product features

They are the best in the line when we have to consider the cloud-based accounting for the small business organizations. Both of them might not be perfect but Xero has won the race of the features because of the remarkable specifications that you would come across.

Many of the features that are only available in the Plus version of QuickBooks are available on all the platforms of Xero. As well as there are some specifications, that are only available in Xero. Here we have a list for you that you must consider.


  • With Xero, you can accept the quotes online and this facility is not available in QuickBooks
  • You will get the basic stock list in all the versions of Xero
  • Inventory accounting is accessible in only the QuickBooks plus but in case of Xero you will get it in any version
  • Multi-currency, expense reports, and payment reminders are only available in Xero.
  • Budgeting, purchase order, recurring invoice, and many other services are available in all versions of Xero but only in the plus version of QuickBooks


Considering the price Xero is the winner on the high end while QuickBooks is the winner at the low ends so we can say that it is a tie. If you want your customer to pay in the online invoices then the credit card processing fee of QuickBooks is higher.

There are different plans different plans offered by both the services so it is often hard to determine that which one is the best.

The basic plan of Xero starts with $9 while that of QuickBooks starts with $13

The mid-level plan of Xero is available at $30 on the other hand, QuickBooks has two different plans essentials for $27 and plus for $40

The rates for the payrolls for Xero are from $30 to 70 while that for QuickBooks is $89 to 112 depending on the plan that you will buy

Ease of use

Alex Knight

Xero is very easy to use. It has been developed with such perfection that you will quickly understand all the functions that are available and within a few minutes, it would seem like you have been using it for many years. Everything is well organized from the layouts to the navigation. Overall Xero is very efficient.

On the other hand, QuickBooks was good software but after its update has been launched there are some minor bugs that are affecting the efficiency. The knowledge base is not very comprehensive. Apart from that, there are some useless steps in the navigation system, which makes it difficult to use.

Available integration



With Xero, you will get the accessibility to 400 add-ons while from QuickBooks you will hardly get 360 add-ons. The quality of the integration depends on the program so some of them will work best on Xero while other will work perfectly with QuickBooks.

Customer support

In the field of the customer service, the competition is very high among both the software. The reason is that QuickBooks is trying to match the standards of the customer support system that have been set by Xero. At first, it was hard for them but now they are catching up with the technology.

If you will pay attention towards the reviews of their previous customers regarding the customer services, you will notice that the reviews for Xero are a mixture of positive and negative. On the other hand, most of the reviews for QuickBooks are still negative that is not a very encouraging aspect.


Xero has never struggled to keep its clients happy with the customer services. The reason is that their services are available 24/7 the entire year. So you will get the help whenever you require. While in the case of QuickBooks if you are facing an issue on Saturday night then you will have to wait for Monday morning to contact the customer support.

The customer services of QuickBooks are available from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm while on Saturday 6 am to 3 pm. The best thing is that both the software has reduced the time required for the hold so that the customers will get the solution to their issues as soon as possible. So if you are lucky you will get the chance to directly speak with the representative.

Apart from that, at Xero, you will also get the email support. Here you can get all the answers to your issues with a single email.


Final verdict


It is hard to pick the winner but from the above comparison, you must have got the idea that Xero has more plus points as compared to QuickBooks. QBO is still making progress to grab the attention of more customers at the time when Xero is continuously increasing the customer count.

So if you are looking for the best bookkeeping software make sure that you read the comparison before taking a decision. It is important that you select the software that will meet the requirements of your business in the best possible manner.